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Maria Sharapova
Serena Williams
Venus Williams

U.S. Open
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ATP Tour
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Miller Lite Championships

ATP Tour
Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association
Eastern Intercollegiate Tennis Association
French Tennis Federation
German Tennis Federation
Lawn Tennis Association (LTA)
National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics
Tennis Australia
US Tennis Association (USTA)
US Professional Tennis Association
US Professional Tennis Registry
Women's Sports Foundation
Women's Tennis Association (WTA)

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Top Tennis In French

Tennis Week
FOX Sports Tennis
Nando's Sportserver
The Tennis Server
Tennis Information Net

Davis Cup Official Site
World Team Tennis
European Tennis Association
International Tennis Federation (ITF)
Asociacion Argentina de Tenis
Asian Tennis Federation
Confederacao Brasileira de Tenis
Tennis Canada
Dansk Tennis Forbund
Real Federacion Espanola de Tenis
European Tennis Association
Suomen Tennisliitto
Federation Francaise de Tennis
The Lawn Tennis Association
Deutscher Tennis Bund EV
Federazione Italiana Tennis
Japan Tennis Association
Federation Luxembourgeoise de Tennis
Koninklijke Nederlandse Lawn Tennis Bond
Norges Tennisforbund
New Zealand Tennis Inc
Slovak Tennis Association
South African Tennis Association
Swiss Tennis Association
Swedish Tennis Association
Turkiye Tenis Federasyonu
Tennis Federation of the Ukraine
All-Russia Tennis Association

Maria Sharapova
Serena Williams
Venus Williams

DVDs - Region 1 USA Canada
The Wimbledon Collection - The Classic Match - Borg vs. McEnroe 1980 Final
The Wimbledon Collection - The 2004 Official Film
The Wimbledon Collection - The 2005 Official Film
Wimbledon 2000 Semi-Final - Agassi vs. Rafte
Raising Tennis Aces - The Williams Story
The Wimbledon Collection - The Classic Match - Borg vs. McEnroe 1981 Final
The Wimbledon Collection - Legends of Wimbledon - John McEnroe
The Wimbledon Collection - Legends of Wimbledon - Bjorn Borg
Legends of Wimbledon - Billie Jean King
Arthur Ashe - Citizen of the World
Pro Tennis Lessons Complete 10 DVD Boxed Set, Starring Renowned USPTA Pro James Jensen: Includes over 12 Hours of Professional Tennis Instruction for all level Players!
Pro Tennis Lessons "Ultimate Faults & Fixes", Over 100 Tips designed to Instantly improve your all court game!
Pro Tennis Lessons - Ultimate Doubles: Winning Strategy and Tactics for Men & Women!
Pro Tennis Lessons "Ultimate Serve"
Pro Tennis Lessons "Ultimate Backhand"
Pro Tennis Lessons "Ultimate Forehand"
Pro Tennis Lessons "Ultimate Volleys and Net Game"
Pro Tennis Lessons "Ultimate Lobs and Drop Shots"
Pro Tennis Lessons "Ultimate Killer Angle Shots"
Pro Tennis Lessons "Ultimate Singles" Strategy and Tactics
Pro Tennis Lessons "Ultimate Return of Serve" Strategy and Tactics
Consistent Tennis Wins ( The Original )
Consistent Tennis Wins II ( Strategy For Singles And Doubles )
Consistent Tennis Wins III ( The Serve )
Consistent Tennis Wins IV ( The Backhand )
Consistent Tennis Wins V ( Grooving Consistent Strokes )

Coaches Aussie coaching site - Michael Dracos


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