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Cheerleader Links
Minnesota Golden Gophers Where Cheerleading was born. In 1898, after three straight losses by the University's football team, a student named Johnny Campbell made the then-radical suggestion that he lead organized cheers to root the players on to victory. A few weeks later, he put his idea into action during a home game between Northwestern and Minnesota. When the University won by a score of 17-6, much of the credit went to Campbell and his squad of "yell leaders," as they were initially called. The yell leaders were the first organized cheerleading team in the nation. Soon, no self-respecting college or university could do without its own cheerleading squad. Read More
Arizona Sun Devils
Cornell University Varsity Cheerleading NCAA Division I - Tryout results, team list, and events. In 2003-2004 they won the Open All Girl Division at the NCA Big Apple Classic in New York, New York. They cheer at all home football games, Ivy League away football games, home menÕs basketball games, and several women's basketball games. The squad also makes regular appearances representing the University at alumni, athletic, charitable and public relations activities.
Cheerleading and Dance For the past 6 years, Georgia Tech Cheerleading has been ranked as a NCA Finalist Division 1A cheerleading program.
Virginia Tech
Indiana Hoosiers
Massachusetts Institute of Technology NCAA Division I -Cheers, football schedule, and roster. MIT Cheerleading has been around since 1998. The current MIT Cheerleading Squad is composed of 20 cheerleaders and 2 yell-leaders. They cheer for football games, basketball games, and other sports/events upon request. They now also compete at local cheerleading competitions!
Cortland State NCAA Division III - SUNY Cortland cheerleading team schedules, pictures and information about tryouts.
College of Charleston Cougars
Air Force Academy Cheer Team
Seton Hall Cheerleading
St. Elizabeth High School Cheerleaders High School - General information about the Varsity and JV Cheerleading teams, including newsletter, photos, purpose, and links.
Liberty High School Cheerleaders High School - Photos, calendar, events and links for this Maryland-based team site.
South Knoxville Cherokees High School - Seasonal team information, handouts, and schedules.
Old Mill High School Cheerleading High School - Latest information about competitions, schedule changes, try-outs, upcoming events and links.
Ooltewah High Shool Junior Varsity Cheerleaders High School - Unofficial site with their "Owlbum," meet the team, and find past accomplishments.
Islanders Middletown Pop Warner Association provides cheer information for youth members.
All Star Poms Cheerleading, dance, drill teams or pep squad uniforms pom poms aka pom pons custom made to your high school, college, university, all star or professional sports associations for competitions, camps, fund raiser events by All Star Poms.
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